3 Reasons Why YOUR Dream Home Is More Attainable Than You Thought

August 14, 2017  |  Posted by KCook

We are all guilty of oohing and aahing over the latest HGTV Dream Home, or fishing through hundreds of interior design pictures on Pinterest and saving them to our Dream Home boards. But, what if I could tell you that homes you see on tv and in pictures could actually be yours? According to The Washington Post’s writer, Kenneth Harney, mortgage “standards are more flexible and not as tough as you probably thought”. Here are 3 reasons why the mortgage for your dream home is within reach!

  1. In recent months, lenders are willing to accept FICO scores well below the average score of 700.


  1. Due to policy changes, lenders are raising their permissible Debt-to-Income ratios to 50 percent, which has opened “the mortgage door to 95,000 additional homebuyers”.


  1. Down payment requirements are very relaxed in the current market. Mid-Atlantic Builders is currently running a $100 Moves You In program for our Move-In-Ready homes!


Click here to get in contact with one of Mid-Atlantic Builders approved lenders. To see the homes that are a part of our $100 Moves You In program, click here! Find out more information in the Washington Post article here.