The Perfect Fit Is Custom Fit

It’s the one place in the world that is completely yours. Choose a homebuilder that understands how much your home means to you. It’s your home, your investment and your future.

Mid-Atlantic Builders is dedicated to creating your special place, a perfectly personalized home. Because you deserve nothing less.

We’ll help you maximize your new home’s curb appeal.

  • Adjust the Position of Your Home, Driveway or Yard
  • Customize the Exterior with Stone, Dormers, a Porch and More
  • Move or Add Windows for More Natural Light

We’ll work together to create your custom-fit home.

  • Personalize Your Design with Our Interactive Floorplans
  • Choose Your Cabinetry, Fixtures and Finishes
  • Add Options and Upgrades to Bring Out Your Style